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At this stage of my life I am a fiction author and poet, but I wear many hats! With a 30+-year history and education in editing and publishing, as well as psychology, I have introduced Clasid Consultants Publishing to help writers of all media produce a better product. I am a firm believer that the meticulous high quality of the "old-fashioned" way of publishing, which took months and even years, CAN be accomplished with the new rapidity of our techno/change-o world. All it takes is a little knowledge and keeping an eye on the ever-changing publishing market. I have reasonable fees for coaching/ghostwriting, editing/rewriting, proofreading, full publication layout-and-design, and act as a publishing advisor. My main concern is that the written material be accurate, consistent, beautiful to behold, and interesting to read. I willingly do no-charge reviews on short stories and novels, as I hope you will check out my fiction selections on and do a review for me. We all learn from each other, and our perceptions change and evolve with every life we touch. Let me know how I can assist you! I am an avid reader, musician (singer/piano/Celtic harp, guitar, sax), artist, and Advanced Clinical Psychological Hypnotherapist (A.C.P.H). I am an animal lover with a beautiful Turkish Angora Cat named Molly. I am an advocate and speaker for the Lupus Foundation (, Women's Rights, and "How Not To Be A Victim," as well as esoteric subjects dealing with hypnotherapy, psychic dreams and visions, telepathy, angels, and unexplained phenomena. Sadly, I was widowed in 2018.

9 thoughts on “Some information about this new Wellness Site. Please leave a comment. What are you looking for in health and wellness?

  1. Deb, great to find you here spreading the love to the universe. Hugs and best wishes on your new endeavor. P.S. Please leave time to edit my book soon. LOL! ❤


      1. Yes, I’m very much into crystals as well and aura reading. For you, what Fairy Whisperer wouldn’t would crystals? And Runes? Anything to clear the air/earth, mind, body, and soul from all the toxicity of the world. Blessings.

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      2. Those Rune stones, Deb… It was Diana Peach that got me interested. Her writing and storytelling is how I hope to be someday. It’s spectacular. She wrote the first book, Myths of the Mirror, with Rune stones. The series is fabulous. You must read it. It’s funny how we all find each other isn’t it. It’s the fairy tribe thing. Blessings and love on the wing back to you. ❤


    1. Oh, no problem with editing your book … the sooner the better. I have 3 books to edit in June. I was hoping I could do yours first! Of course, authors are notoriously late in getting manuscripts to their editor. I’m probably the most guilty of all. Blessings to you and Abby …really looking forward to it!

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      1. I’m starting on the last chapters now. I had to redo my outline because I felt pulled in another way. I think you’ll like the twist. You will get to it when you can. I have no worries. ❤


  2. Great! I’m not editing anything right now; just some proofreading for a political candidate my husband knows. So, as you can see, I’m playing with designing this website, learning a new way to format eBooks better, doing reviews, and … lastly (drumroll, please) … writing!


  3. Oops! Forgot to mention Diana Peach’s book. It’s on my to-read-and-review list, and I will start with the first one in the series, of course. Meeting with a local marketer tomorrow. I’m not sure his specialty is books/fiction, but we’ll see. He does SEO and facebook is supposedly his specialty. My husband found him … do you think that’s why I’m skeptical? ha, ha, ha, ha!


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