A Few Terms Related to Spiritual Divination

It’s rather interesting that most Divination or fortune-telling media weren’t originally written, drawn, or developed for the purpose of foreseeing the future. I was rather surprised when I first learned this. The Tarot, as the most used Divination system, was initially pictured, perhaps with hieroglyphics, as a representation for “The Journey” or “The Path of Life”. I state the use of hieroglyphics since many historians and/or Tarot experts believe that this deck of cards or pictures originated in Egypt for the Pharaohs and their families. It was tied exclusively to their religion. Of course, it makes sense since Egypt is the same culture that is acclaimed for being very evolved in their practices, beliefs, and procedures. Yet, there are other schools of thought about the birthplace of the Tarot and its early uses, but it is commonly believed that it is an ancient form of spiritual teaching and learning.

Here are some additional ancient and modern practices that I have found particularly intriguing and accurate for use as Divination tools that come from very different cultures, backgrounds, and uses:

  1. Runes are made from stones or other organic substances from the Scandinavian culture to include the Norse and Thor god religion. It was originally a system of writing for recording history, sending messages, and directional signs or statues. Much wisdom is contained in these stones or natural craved wood “letters”, which resemble an early form of our alphabet. It is believed that they have been widely used for Divination since prehistoric times.
  2. The modern deck of playing cards evolved from the Tarot with four corresponding suits: Cups became Hearts; Wands became Diamonds; Pentacles became Clubs; Swords became Spades. The basic numbers, one through ten, and Knight, Queen, King, Ace, as both the number 1 and the highest card in the suit, are used to tell fortunes as well as play card games. The Major Arcana cards of the Tarot were omitted.
  3. Wicca Religious practices from Europe have used various everyday items from the ancient healers/wise women, mostly from herbs; crystals; nature; elemental faeries or spirits from water, air, earth, and fire, especially when combined with the directions of North , East, South, and West. Elements of astrology are also used in most cultures for Divination to include the moon, sun, planets, constellations, and their energies.
  4. Halomancy is Divination by reading the messages and pictures from shapes and patterns in salt scattered on the floor. This most probably originated from “the drawing of a circle” from Wicca or witch spells, both indoors and outdoors. This is considered sacred space.
  5. Scrying is also from witches or magacians, reading images and messages in vats of water.
  6. Crystal ball reading originated from Wiccan practices as was reading images in flames in the fire on the hearth or tea leaves in a cup.
  7. More Eastern European is the gypsy Divination of reading the creases and lines in the human palm of the hand.
  8. Sabblemancy is Divintion from the rolling of dice.
  9. Ceromancy is interpreting figures in drops of melted wax in cold water.
  10. Mediums speak to the dead through channeling.
  11. Alchemy is the ancient science of turning other natural substances into gold, but it has evolved into alchemical reactions on all organic material.
  12. Necromancy is Divination through dead bodies and spirits.
  13. The scattering of bones and voodoo using stick images to represent people to interact with in a spell seems to have originated in Africa or the islands of the Caribbean.
  14. Angels, Spirits, and ancestral beings on the other side of the veil bring blessings, messages, and dreams to assist and guide those who ask for their intervention.
  15. Even prayer is used for asking questions and seeking guidance from all religious deities.

There are many, many more. The use of the wooden tiles from a Scrabble gameboard, for example. Sticks thrown from a cup, like the game of “pickup sticks” or the use of sacrificial animals.

Anything that has value and an emotional connection with the mind, heart, and body is a good medium for deep, intuitive messages from the Universe!

Magic and messages in the sky or through color.

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