Evolution of Revelation

And when two bodies allow each “self” to become completely  undone,

The Universe will open in all its brilliant magnificence.

Behind closed, blind eyes we will see Omnipresence

With the merging of two souls to create a thriving, striving, new “One”.

So refined, the next Evolution;

Not defined, in flux, growing;

Showing the future of Humankind.

Merging, surging, purging, uniting in constitution,

Two bodies released in a frenzied gasp to unwind,

Creating a third Entity of unique compilation.

As man is succumbed to let his maleness find its throne,

He will finally know that he has reached his home

As woman takes her equal deep into her soul.

She will know they have each found their separate, yet combined, roles

In the “Other”, in the Creation, in the being that will be far-reaching.

Beseeching the Spirits on high to impart their oneness to mere mortals;

Stretching the boundaries of Infinity to birth the new portal

That will foresee and usher in the golden age of Transmutation.

As the bread became the Body and the wine His Sacred Blood,

So will the evolved man and woman go forth

To find the paradise paradigm

Which dwells in the heart of an enlightened, blameless Entity.

To stop the revolution, bringing peace and harmony to reign

As it was in the beginning

Before death and destruction tore the world asunder.


It is not our lot to question why,

Nor our time to speculate and wonder.

We bow before the Universal God of Creation,

Singing the joys of a “New” Revelation.


We will not die in fire and destruction.

We will transform desire into that which should have been

Before the havoc of mindless weakness and sin.


There will be no “sin”,

Just souls of light.

Put down your weapons, implements of fight-or-flight.

Rejoice in the “Other”.

Reunite with another

To manifest the soul with no being,

The body with no shroud,

The essence of God;

THE ONE, Evolution of Revelation.

–Deborah A. Bowman


Published by bowmanauthor/bowmaneditor

At this stage of my life I am a fiction author and poet, but I wear many hats! With a 30+-year history and education in editing and publishing, as well as psychology, I have introduced Clasid Consultants Publishing to help writers of all media produce a better product. I am a firm believer that the meticulous high quality of the "old-fashioned" way of publishing, which took months and even years, CAN be accomplished with the new rapidity of our techno/change-o world. All it takes is a little knowledge and keeping an eye on the ever-changing publishing market. I have reasonable fees for coaching/ghostwriting, editing/rewriting, proofreading, full publication layout-and-design, and act as a publishing advisor. My main concern is that the written material be accurate, consistent, beautiful to behold, and interesting to read. I willingly do no-charge reviews on short stories and novels, as I hope you will check out my fiction selections on amazon.com and do a review for me. We all learn from each other, and our perceptions change and evolve with every life we touch. Let me know how I can assist you! I am an avid reader, musician (singer/piano/Celtic harp, guitar, sax), artist, and Advanced Clinical Psychological Hypnotherapist (A.C.P.H). I am an animal lover with a beautiful Turkish Angora Cat named Molly. I am an advocate and speaker for the Lupus Foundation (www.lupus.org), Women's Rights, and "How Not To Be A Victim," as well as esoteric subjects dealing with hypnotherapy, psychic dreams and visions, telepathy, angels, and unexplained phenomena. Sadly, I was widowed in 2018.

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