Evolution of Revelation

And when two bodies allow each “self” to become completely  undone, The Universe will open in all its brilliant magnificence. Behind closed, blind eyes we will see Omnipresence With the merging of two souls to create a thriving, striving, new “One”. So refined, the next Evolution; Not defined, in flux, growing; Showing the future ofContinue reading “Evolution of Revelation”

How do we listen for Divine messages?

It’s different for everyone. We speak to the angels; we pray to our Maker; we wonder about synchronicity and are there really coincidences? How many messages from the Spiritual realm go unnoticed? Far too many! It doesn’t take a lot of time, study, or special powers to listen and react to little thoughts in ourContinue reading “How do we listen for Divine messages?”

Darkness and Confusion

Originally posted on TOWER AND FLIGHTS (An AmericaOnCoffee Blog):
CHILDREN WILL CONTINUE TO RISE UP AGAINST THEIR PARENTS July 25, 1979 “As the darkness deepens upon your earth, your world will appear to many like insanity has set upon it: Murders will increase, accidents called ‘freaks of nature’, accidents that are not accidents. Children will…

Whispers of Faeries

“Hush, quiet makes them come,”I whispered to my daughter, Kelsey.She looked up, bathed in sun.4 years old, bright red hair; she’s a wee faerie! The standing stones, tucked away.The time was right; planets set, providing the edge!I had waited years for this day.Bringing Kelsey to Scotland, her heritage. A gray cloud floated by.In shadow, wispContinue reading “Whispers of Faeries”

Bogged Down in Energy; The Universe is in a State of Heightened Awareness

Does everything feel heavy and confusing and scattered? Overwhelming is the word I choose. Problems seem heavier; but by the same token, elation and life seem fuller. Such is the energy of the Universe–polarities, opposites, the good must be balanced by the not-so-good. Much of the heaviness dwells in our unintuitive, fearful interpretations. When weContinue reading “Bogged Down in Energy; The Universe is in a State of Heightened Awareness”

The Tarot, Quick Reference Guide

On my first posting for this new blog, I mentioned that Tarot was the most used Divination card system. Therefore, for those of you who want to learn a little bit about it, I am going to include a “Quick Reference Guide” which I wrote myself in simple words that introduce or define each card.Continue reading “The Tarot, Quick Reference Guide”

A Few Terms Related to Spiritual Divination

It’s rather interesting that most Divination or fortune-telling media weren’t originally written, drawn, or developed for the purpose of foreseeing the future. I was rather surprised when I first learned this. The Tarot, as the most used Divination system, was initially pictured, perhaps with hieroglyphics, as a representation for “The Journey” or “The Path ofContinue reading “A Few Terms Related to Spiritual Divination”

A Journal, Diary, Note, Poem, WIP, Book

It doesn’t matter how you “write”, just write it down! Your thoughts, your questions, your inspiration, your confusion, your QUEST! Your thoughts and ideas have value. How can you conquer your fears, elation, emotions if you don’t start with keeping track of where they lead, what you divine from Eureka moments, from Spirit, from aContinue reading “A Journal, Diary, Note, Poem, WIP, Book”