New Site for Inquiring Minds and Souls

For decades I have been actively studying spiritual and metaphysical subjects: history, evolution, divination, the soul, the Universe, our existence. This has included psychological pursuits as well because the development of the personal psyche makes all of these pursuits one and the same. This blog will share my findings and research. I know there areContinue reading “New Site for Inquiring Minds and Souls”

Pain (Haibun) — O at the Edges

Pain Pain reminds me that I’m breathing, still able to appreciate the fragrance of French roast coffee brewing, the diced red pepper, onion and jalapeño mixture sizzling in the pan. Today is a good day. When I roll out the dough for the onion tart, the leg barely protests, and as I sip ginger tea […]Continue reading “Pain (Haibun) — O at the Edges”

Health and Creativity

Learning to live with yourself Is the hardest of friendships We have such a wealth Of opinions, words from our own lips That confuse, bemuse, lose essence In our own doubt, route, and persistence Creativity can restore, implore, reward Harmony, dreams, courage, and soar Our health to higher heights And clearer vision with inspired sight…Continue reading “Health and Creativity”

Becoming Whole

If you are lost, maybe you need some quiet time to heal Search your heart and mind for what is real Your health depends on your outlook and energy Make better choices in activities and let synergy Bring you reason and peace in life’s new role Take the time to make yourself whole