Health for Winter

The cold can stifle your breath

Put you to the test

Dry out your skin

Put you on thin ice

So don’t sacrifice yourself

And your health

To freezing temps and hypothermia

Be smart, save your heart, body, mind

Be true, your health will thank you!

abstract art background blue sky
A blizzard in the air

Becoming Whole

If you are lost, maybe you need some quiet time to heal

Search your heart and mind for what is real

Your health depends on your outlook and energy

Make better choices in activities and let synergy

Bring you reason and peace in life’s new role

Take the time to make yourself whole

The Spring Snowstorm is beautiful, but it can be dangerous. Care for your health and wellness. Enjoy it from the comfort of a warm window seat…

The first day of spring is tardy

Snowstorm “Toby” is hearty

Watching the flakes from a window

Safe, warm,┬áreceiving Reiki by remote, so…

In the United States, that’s how it goes…

Healing, believing!

Snowstory Toby, 3-21-18