Evolution of Revelation

And when two bodies allow each “self” to become completely  undone,

The Universe will open in all its brilliant magnificence.

Behind closed, blind eyes we will see Omnipresence

With the merging of two souls to create a thriving, striving, new “One”.

So refined, the next Evolution;

Not defined, in flux, growing;

Showing the future of Humankind.

Merging, surging, purging, uniting in constitution,

Two bodies released in a frenzied gasp to unwind,

Creating a third Entity of unique compilation.

As man is succumbed to let his maleness find its throne,

He will finally know that he has reached his home

As woman takes her equal deep into her soul.

She will know they have each found their separate, yet combined, roles

In the “Other”, in the Creation, in the being that will be far-reaching.

Beseeching the Spirits on high to impart their oneness to mere mortals;

Stretching the boundaries of Infinity to birth the new portal

That will foresee and usher in the golden age of Transmutation.

As the bread became the Body and the wine His Sacred Blood,

So will the evolved man and woman go forth

To find the paradise paradigm

Which dwells in the heart of an enlightened, blameless Entity.

To stop the revolution, bringing peace and harmony to reign

As it was in the beginning

Before death and destruction tore the world asunder.


It is not our lot to question why,

Nor our time to speculate and wonder.

We bow before the Universal God of Creation,

Singing the joys of a “New” Revelation.


We will not die in fire and destruction.

We will transform desire into that which should have been

Before the havoc of mindless weakness and sin.


There will be no “sin”,

Just souls of light.

Put down your weapons, implements of fight-or-flight.

Rejoice in the “Other”.

Reunite with another

To manifest the soul with no being,

The body with no shroud,

The essence of God;

THE ONE, Evolution of Revelation.

–Deborah A. Bowman


How do we listen for Divine messages?

It’s different for everyone. We speak to the angels; we pray to our Maker; we wonder about synchronicity and are there really coincidences? How many messages from the Spiritual realm go unnoticed? Far too many! It doesn’t take a lot of time, study, or special powers to listen and react to little thoughts in our minds that seem to come out of nowhere to our consciousness. It just takes paying attention and believing!

Ah, “believing”! That’s the hard part. I’m sure you’ve always heard that many people “have to see it to believe it”. But what about “some things have to be believed in order to be seen” ? This is more than a play on words. This is direction, seeking and believing in an energy, an existence, magic, miracles, “unseen” phenomenon, which is beyond the day-to-day facts of humanity. It’s a whisper in the dark; a feeling of being watched over; a certainty that there is more to life than the superficial; a dream that is overwhelming like it really happened. Maybe it did on another plane of existence?

Alternate realities, Quantum Physics, Time Travel, Astral Projection, knowing something in advance, deja’vu, meeting someone and knowing you have known that person before, even if their essence was in another body.

So many unexplained feelings, recognitions, realizations, and inner knowing that may not always come from within. It may have come from outside the body in the blink of an eye. Don’t blink away the feeling, the message, the Divinity. Let it come. Try to rationalize it. When it cannot be rationalized, look beyond the factual to the Divine. Listen, watch, dig deep into your soul, look for repetitions. We must search for the answers. Don’t turn a blind eye. Open your heart and soul, mind and emotions. The messages are real.


–Deborah A. Bowman


Darkness and Confusion

The picture, how poignant, but read the posting! All of it! The spiritual is our salvation! Thank you, americaoncoffee…

TOWER AND FLIGHTS (An AmericaOnCoffee Blog)


July 25, 1979 “As the darkness deepens upon your earth, your world will appear to many like insanity has set upon it: Murders will increase, accidents called ‘freaks of nature’, accidents that are not accidents. Children will continue to rise up against their parents, being encouaged by their schools, their teachers, their news medias and all of the medias that have been well-planned to seduce the souls of your children. And the master behind these medias is Lucifer and his agents from Hell walking now in human form.

My children, as long as you reject the existence of the supernatural, you cannot be saved. If you do not recognize the existence of a world beyond your human eyes to see, you will not be saved, for you cannot fight them. There are demons now loosed upon earth. All hell now is…

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Whispers of Faeries

“Hush, quiet makes them come,”
I whispered to my daughter, Kelsey.
She looked up, bathed in sun.
4 years old, bright red hair; she’s a wee faerie!

The standing stones, tucked away.
The time was right; planets set, providing the edge!
I had waited years for this day.
Bringing Kelsey to Scotland, her heritage.

A gray cloud floated by.
In shadow, wisp of a glowing feather.
It took flight and I started to cry,
Holding my breath…

Hundreds of feathers, alive, dancing in the sun!
Golden feathers with wings, tiny faces. “See, Kelsey?”
“The Faeries have come!”
Blessed be…

–Deborah A. Bowman

Bogged Down in Energy; The Universe is in a State of Heightened Awareness

Does everything feel heavy and confusing and scattered? Overwhelming is the word I choose. Problems seem heavier; but by the same token, elation and life seem fuller. Such is the energy of the Universe–polarities, opposites, the good must be balanced by the not-so-good. Much of the heaviness dwells in our unintuitive, fearful interpretations. When we feel strong energy seeping into our being, we tend to expect bad tidings. Thus is such engrained in our primordial history, our roots, where every feeling was taken at its absolute worse-case scenario. It’s how tumultuous energy was perceived because it was a life-or-death necessity.

Yet, that was then; this is now. The Pandemic showed up a glimpse of a full breakdown, total collapse. We feared doomsday was upon us. And for many, far too many, their lives were taken, and grieving has engulfed our planet. That energy of sadness and loss must go somewhere. Everyone was touched by it. WE ALL KNEW CRIPPLING FEAR.

The GOOD NEWS is that life continued. We are emerging from the other side. We have lived and thrived! Yes, there is much dark energy to wade through, but there is also the flip-side, much love and joy and celebration to express. WE MADE IT THROUGH THE STORM!

We have seen the dark days. Now it is time to let the light back into our lives. This is a conscious choice each and every individual must make. Let the intense energy from the Universe that circles the earth be your stepping stone of happiness to the future. Honor our lost loved ones with beautiful memories and thankfulness. Do not let their sacrifice be in vain. They subconsciously chose to move onto the next Godly plain and let their loved ones remain from the most seasoned, wise elder to the youngest soul. Rejoice in their destiny!

Yes, heavy energy. Use it wisely with joy and peace.

This energy is but energy, positive and negative. We choose its polarity with our free will. Go forth, strong and unafraid. It’s time to rebuild. “Hope springs eternal!”

–Deborah A. Bowman


The Tarot, Quick Reference Guide

On my first posting for this new blog, I mentioned that Tarot was the most used Divination card system. Therefore, for those of you who want to learn a little bit about it, I am going to include a “Quick Reference Guide” which I wrote myself in simple words that introduce or define each card. The visuals and intuitive feelings of the reader will make each card and each diverse deck your very own as you listen to your to soul and spirit. My definitions may vary from what you feel, but this is a starting point for those of you who are interested. Please leave any questions or other meanings you interpret in the comments.

Tarot Cards
  1. THE FOOL: Beginning the Path of Life or Adjusting to a New Path.
  2. MAJOR ARCANA: I. THE MAGICIAN: Magic and Manifestation.
  3. II. THE HIGH PRIESTESS: Intuitive and Spiritual.
  4. III. THE EMPRESS: Feminine Energy, Wife, Partner, Loving, Fair.
  5. IV. THE EMPEROR: Male Energy and Worldly Power.
  6. V. THE HIEROPHANT: Compassion, Little Movement, The Priest.
  7. VI. THE LOVERS: Love and Partners, Good and Bad Attractions.
  8. VII. THE CHARIOT: Movement, Success or Failure.
  9. VIII. STRENGTH: Courage, Action, Accomplishment.
  10. IX. THE HERMIT: Withdrawal, Wisdom, Reflection.
  11. X. WHEEL OF FORTUNE: Ups and Downs of Change.
  12. XI. JUSTICE: Balance and Fairness, Legal Issues.
  13. XII. THE HANGED MAN: Delay or Change of Perspective.
  14. XIII. DEATH: Transformation.
  15. XIV. TEMPERANCE: Moderation, Water Energy, Blending.
  16. XV. THE DEVIL: Temptation, Bound Sometimes by Choice.
  17. XVI. THE TOWER: Unavoidable Rapid Change, Good or Bad.
  18. XVII. THE STAR: Faith, Hope, Balance.
  19. XVIII. THE MOON: Hidden for Known or Unknown Reasons.
  20. XIX. THE SUN: Success! (Best Card in the Tarot).
  21. XX. JUDGMENT: Rebirth.
  22. XXI. THE WORLD: End Result, Completion of Cycle, Begin Anew.
  23. SUIT OF CUPS (Hearts): ACE: Overflowing Goodness, Romance.
  24. TWO OF CUPS: Love, Attraction, Partnership.
  25. THREE OF CUPS: Fulfillment and Bounty.
  26. FOUR OF CUPS: Worry, Stagnation, “Reach for the Cup!”
  27. FIVE OF CUPS: Cannot See What Remains, Depression, Loveless.
  28. SIX OF CUPS: The Past, Fond Memories, Children.
  29. SEVEN OF CUPS: Fantasy, Illusions. “They may come true!”
  30. EIGHT OF CUPS: Walking Away. “Don’t Give Up!”
  31. NINE OF CUPS: Wishes Come True!
  32. TEN OF CUPS: Happy Home and Family, Marriage, Children.
  33. PAGE OF CUPS: Helpful, Spiritual Young Person.
  34. KNIGHT OF CUPS: He/She Offers the Cup: Proposal, Invitation.
  35. QUEEN OF CUPS: Loving Wife, Mother, or Nurturing Female Energy.
  36. KING OF CUPS: Creative, Honest, Kind, Caring Male Energy.
  37. SUIT OF PENTACLES (Diamonds): ACE: Abundance, Attainment.
  38. TWO OF PENTACLES: Balance or Imbalance, Juggling, Difficult Maze.
  39. THREE OF PENTACLES: Building a Foundation, Couple, Family.
  40. FOUR OF PENTACLES: Love of Money, Hoarder.
  41. FIVE OF PENTACLES: Out in the Cold with Hope & Warmth Nearby.
  42. SIX OF PENTACLES: Business, Boss, “Hard Work Pays Off!”
  43. SEVEN OF PENTACLES: Growth from Planted Seeds, Good w/Money.
  44. EIGHT OF PENTACLES: Professional Craftsman, Pride, Ego.
  45. NINE OF PENTACLES: Grace, Dignity, Independent Female Energy.
  46. TEN OF PENTACLES: Riches and Safety for Family, Clan, Generations.
  47. PAGE OF PENTACLES: Scholarly Young Adult with New Ideas.
  48. KNIGHT OF PENTACLES: Reliable, Patient, Persistent.
  49. QUEEN OF PENTACLES: Intelligent, Generous Female Energy.
  50. KING OF PENTACLES: Leader, Mature Businessman, Driven.
  51. SUIT OF WANDS (CLUBS): ACE: Immediate Good Fortune.
  52. TWO OF WANDS: Ruler, Dominant, Achiever.
  53. THREE OF WANDS: Success, Usually in Business, Academic, Work.
  54. FOUR OF WANDS: Celebration, Wedding, Commitment, Party.
  55. FIVE OF WANDS: Struggle, Obstacles, or “Is It Mock Play?”
  56. SIX OF WANDS: Triumph, Good News, Victorious.
  57. SEVEN OF WANDS: Success, Victory, “King of the Hill”.
  58. EIGHT OF WANDS: Rapid Movement, “Winds of Change”.
  59. NINE OF WANDS: Leery of Change.
  60. TEN OF WANDS: Over-Burdened, Usually Resolved Quickly.
  61. PAGE OF WANDS: Faithful, Loyal, Honest Young Adult.
  62. KNIGHT OF WANDS: Gentleman, Father, Husband.
  63. QUEEN OF WANDS: Understanding, Sympathetic Female Energy.
  64. KING OF WANDS: Honest, Wise Male Energy.
  65. SUIT OF SWORDS (SPADES): ACE: Triumph, New Beginning, Love.
  66. TWO OF SWORDS: Stalemate, Blindfolded, Crossed Arms in Combat.
  67. THREE OF SWORDS: Broken Heart, Physical Death Near You.
  68. FOUR OF SWORDS: Rest, Respite, Pulling Away from the Battle.
  69. FIVE OF SWORDS: Conquest at What Cost? Is it dishonorable? Think it over.
  70. SIX OF SWORDS: Movement or Escape After Turmoil. Hope. Travel.
  71. SEVEN OF SWORDS: Stealthy Hope and Looking Forward.
  72. EIGHT OF SWORDS: Stuck; It May Be Self-Imposed.
  73. NINE OF SWORDS: Anxiety, Sleepless Nights, Bad Dreams.
  74. TEN OF SWORDS: Pain, Loss, Fear, “Stabbed in the Back”.
  75. PAGE OF SWORDS: Wise for “His” Age; Finds Out the Unknown.
  76. KNIGHT OF SWORDS: The Hero in Battle; “Will He Always Win? No.”
  77. QUEEN OF SWORDS: Widow, Sadness, Strength; Will She Begin Again?
  78. KING OF SWORDS: Male Energy, Mature, Analytical, Dogmatic.

–Deborah A. Bowman


A lonely night,

A blustery wind,

Blowing away what is not right.

Where has all the joy been?

Never fear…

It has always been here.

We just need to open our souls

And take on the fated roles

We were blessed with

On the day of our birth.

We Have Our Predestination Within Us!

Let it begin.

Search within.

As was destined in the past

To dispel our rashness,

Anger, hurt, and pain.

We have chosen to refrain

From hurting and judging others.

Come in peace.

Dwell in love.

Give of thyself,

And you will know an abundance

Much greater than wealth.

Love as you would be loved.

It is all in your destiny.

We chose wisely

When we chose our Divine plan

For this life.

What to achieve,

What to correct,

What to relieve.

KARMA, and let it harm none.

Deborah A. Bowman Stevens

Reach for Your Predestined Life!


Time transcends into our lives.

We either have too much

Or emptiness seems to thrive

Into all the such and such

Which envelopes our essence.

How do we hit “refresh”?

Wouldn’t it be sweet

If we could set back the clocks

To give us days and weeks,

Years and decades to rock

Our world into submission?

We are left in derision…

Too much times on our hands

Can be useless and boring.

Not enough time lands

Us in chaos, soaring

Us into obsession

Or hopeless depression.

The system doesn’t seem fair.

How did it become so flawed?

We really have to care

About the seconds we trod

Upon that add up to nothing.

No hope, no feelings, nothing.

A silent death

That steals the rest

Of our shining essence.

You guessed it!

We have wasted away bit by bit,

A sad fact in so many lives.

We must be cognizant of our choices

To make time thrive

In purpose, in support of our Divinity … Rejoice!

Divinity begins in the mind and strengthens with TIME!

A Few Terms Related to Spiritual Divination

It’s rather interesting that most Divination or fortune-telling media weren’t originally written, drawn, or developed for the purpose of foreseeing the future. I was rather surprised when I first learned this. The Tarot, as the most used Divination system, was initially pictured, perhaps with hieroglyphics, as a representation for “The Journey” or “The Path of Life”. I state the use of hieroglyphics since many historians and/or Tarot experts believe that this deck of cards or pictures originated in Egypt for the Pharaohs and their families. It was tied exclusively to their religion. Of course, it makes sense since Egypt is the same culture that is acclaimed for being very evolved in their practices, beliefs, and procedures. Yet, there are other schools of thought about the birthplace of the Tarot and its early uses, but it is commonly believed that it is an ancient form of spiritual teaching and learning.

Here are some additional ancient and modern practices that I have found particularly intriguing and accurate for use as Divination tools that come from very different cultures, backgrounds, and uses:

  1. Runes are made from stones or other organic substances from the Scandinavian culture to include the Norse and Thor god religion. It was originally a system of writing for recording history, sending messages, and directional signs or statues. Much wisdom is contained in these stones or natural craved wood “letters”, which resemble an early form of our alphabet. It is believed that they have been widely used for Divination since prehistoric times.
  2. The modern deck of playing cards evolved from the Tarot with four corresponding suits: Cups became Hearts; Wands became Diamonds; Pentacles became Clubs; Swords became Spades. The basic numbers, one through ten, and Knight, Queen, King, Ace, as both the number 1 and the highest card in the suit, are used to tell fortunes as well as play card games. The Major Arcana cards of the Tarot were omitted.
  3. Wicca Religious practices from Europe have used various everyday items from the ancient healers/wise women, mostly from herbs; crystals; nature; elemental faeries or spirits from water, air, earth, and fire, especially when combined with the directions of North , East, South, and West. Elements of astrology are also used in most cultures for Divination to include the moon, sun, planets, constellations, and their energies.
  4. Halomancy is Divination by reading the messages and pictures from shapes and patterns in salt scattered on the floor. This most probably originated from “the drawing of a circle” from Wicca or witch spells, both indoors and outdoors. This is considered sacred space.
  5. Scrying is also from witches or magacians, reading images and messages in vats of water.
  6. Crystal ball reading originated from Wiccan practices as was reading images in flames in the fire on the hearth or tea leaves in a cup.
  7. More Eastern European is the gypsy Divination of reading the creases and lines in the human palm of the hand.
  8. Sabblemancy is Divintion from the rolling of dice.
  9. Ceromancy is interpreting figures in drops of melted wax in cold water.
  10. Mediums speak to the dead through channeling.
  11. Alchemy is the ancient science of turning other natural substances into gold, but it has evolved into alchemical reactions on all organic material.
  12. Necromancy is Divination through dead bodies and spirits.
  13. The scattering of bones and voodoo using stick images to represent people to interact with in a spell seems to have originated in Africa or the islands of the Caribbean.
  14. Angels, Spirits, and ancestral beings on the other side of the veil bring blessings, messages, and dreams to assist and guide those who ask for their intervention.
  15. Even prayer is used for asking questions and seeking guidance from all religious deities.

There are many, many more. The use of the wooden tiles from a Scrabble gameboard, for example. Sticks thrown from a cup, like the game of “pickup sticks” or the use of sacrificial animals.

Anything that has value and an emotional connection with the mind, heart, and body is a good medium for deep, intuitive messages from the Universe!

Magic and messages in the sky or through color.

A Journal, Diary, Note, Poem, WIP, Book

It doesn’t matter how you “write”, just write it down! Your thoughts, your questions, your inspiration, your confusion, your QUEST! Your thoughts and ideas have value. How can you conquer your fears, elation, emotions if you don’t start with keeping track of where they lead, what you divine from Eureka moments, from Spirit, from a message coming to you from the Universe, from dreams? Open your mind, your subconscious, your unconscious, but let your consciousness do its part by keeping track in writing what you otherwise might lose in the hectic day-to-day humdrum.

So, this is the starting point. I have a dozen journals and as many handwritten tablets to shift through as well as hundreds of WORD files to access. Never lose sight of the goal. Never lose a fact that is a step on the journey.

You search your mind & soul.

You seek yourself as whole,

Balanced, in-tune, in-the-zone.

How often are you pure to the bone?

Not very often? Then write!

Write about what is in sight,

Close enough to touch, smell, hear.

Inspiration surrounds & astounds you!

The IDEA is salvation!

Deborah A. Bowman

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